Our fabricated carbon filter has been specifically designed to meet all customer requirements. Designed and fabricated to ASME V111 Div.1 as standard but can also be supplied to other pressure vessel codes – i.e. ASME B31.3 etc. We are also able to manufacture against customer requests in all types of sizes and materials. This filter uses a double bottom chamber separated by a welded reinforced steel plate. The upper chamber contains the granular activated carbon and the lower chamber is empty and collects the filtered water. The plate is covered by “mushroom” diffusers, which are plastic made slotted conical units. The uniform dispersion of water ensures an effective wash of the whole media volume while avoiding the phenomena of channelling (caking). The filters are particularly suitable for backflushing – a process involving reversal of the water flow causing a turbulent expansion of the media like fluidized bed. After the backflushing is completed the filter resumes its normal filtering mode as clean as a new filter