API 6A Wellhead Valves & Equipment


Slab & Expanding Gate Valves


Medium Oil, gas, mud, containing H2S, CO2 gas
Temperature-46°C~121°C (LU Grade)



Full bore design, the effective elimination of pressure drop and eddy current, slowing the flow of solid particles on the erosion of the valve.
Between the bonnet and body, between the valve plate and valve seat, valve seat and valve body are used between the metal seal.
Spray the surface of the valve plate and valve seat (heap) solder alloy has good wear and corrosion resistance.
With a balance bar, you can load balance the stem, reducing the stem threads and bearing loads, reduce operating torque.
The design of the valve stem back cover and seal structure, easy to replace the valve stem seals with the pressure.
The design of the valve cover side of the grease seal into the valve.
Ming rod, direct valve switch situation.
According to user requirements with a variety of gas (liquid) moving actuator.
Working Pressure: 2000PSI ~ 20000PSI
DN: 1.13/16 “~ 9” (46mm ~ 230mm)
Medium: oil, natural gas, mud, containing H2S, CO2 gas
Operating temperature: -46 ℃ ~ 121 ℃ (LU level)
Material grade: AA, BB, CC, DD, EE, FF, HH
Specification Level: PSL1 ~ 4
Performance Level: PR1 ~ 2