Our Forged sight glasses are manufactured to visually inspect fluid in the pipeline, designed to meet all customer requirements including for high pressure applications.
Sight Glasses may be supplied with various type of internal flow indicators for different type of industrial processes or different installation.





Forged-Sight-Glass_SGF2 Forged-Sight-Glass_SGF3 Forged-Sight-Glass_SGF4 Forged-Sight-Glass_SGF5











How to Service:

Maintenance of flow indicators should be made whenever the visibility through the window is poor. Follow the points here below:

  1. Make sure that the main line is shut off
  2. Loosen bolts and remove covers, glasses and the four gaskets
  3. Clean the inside of the body to remove any dirt.
  4. Clean the two glasses with a soft cloth using if necessary a suitable cleaning fluid. If glasses are damaged or cracked replace them.
  5. Reassemble all the elements replacing the four gaskets.
  6. Slowly give pressure to the line checking or leaks.