Conical type temporary strainers are designed for the efficient removal of solids in new pipeline start up service. They are compact and rugged and can be installed either vertically or horizontally. They can be manufactured using any kind of wire mesh or perforated plate, in carbon and stainless steel or exotic alloys. Given dimensions are for reference purposes only. Strainers may be manufactured to any customer’s standards. Strainers are designed to be installed between ANSI B16.5 flanges to meet FF, RF and RTJ flanges.


Flat-Strainers-FF1 Flat-Strainers-FF2 Flat-Strainers-FF3Flat-Strainers-FF4






































Assembly Instruction:

  1. Insert the strainer between the two flanges
  2. Make sure the two gaskets are fitted either side
  3. Tighten bolts keeping the strainer & gaskets in the correct position.

Maintenance Instructions:

  1. Unscrew bolts.
  2. Remove the strainer and clean or replace it
  3. When re-assembling use new gaskets.