“T” TYPE STRAINER FT 900 to 1500lbs

Our fabricated Tee Type Strainers have been specifically designed to meet all customer requirements including for high pressure applications. Standard strainers are equipped with screens for the average service of most mediums (steam, gas, air, oil, chemicals etc). The large screen open area ensures an efficient filtering action with a low pressure drop. Filtering area to inlet area ratio is larger than 3:1. Standard features include low pressure drops at high velocities; stainless steel perforated baskets as standard; vents and drains with the possibility to supply Davit lifts; quick open closures, DP gauges. We are also able to manufacture against customer requests in all types of sizes and materials

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Maintenance – Strainer maintenance should be made at least once per year, or whenever the pressure drop is found to be in excess of normal figures. For a complete maintenance guide follow the points below:

  1. Ensure the main line has been isolated.
  2. Untighten cover stud bolts & nuts, remove cover & gasket.
  3. Withdraw basket and carefully inspect for damage.
  4. Clean any obstructed holes in the screen. If basket is damaged replace with new basket.
  5. Carefully clean the inside of the basket strainer body.
  6. Fit new gasket.
  7. Install the cleaned or replacement basket.
  8. Fit cover and tighten stud bolts & nuts to recommended torques.
  9. Slowly introduce line pressure checking for leaks as pressure is increased to normal.
  10. Mark the strainer cover with date of maintenance performed.