API 6A Wellhead Valves & Equipment



Flanges are used widely in connecting the wellhead equipment, Xmas tree and other well-control equipment.

Structure type:
Flange joint, Reduced flange, studded flange, threaded flange, blind flange, etc.


Active Elbows



Elbow activities using high-intensity steel manufacturing and after heat treatment, thus ensuring the rated working pressure strength, long service life. Elbow activities in the track that is equipped with a hardened steel ball can be flexible rotation. LP can be used at both ends of the thread to link the oil azelaic can also link applicable to a wide range pipeline installation.

Long radius of the mobile medium to shape the structure of corrosion to a minimum, is the first layer of synthetic rubber seals with adhesive metal ring blowout preventer, leakage in the seal automatic decompression when the butter would prevent the accumulation of pressure Raceway cavity. Streamline the path will be to minimize the flow resistance, gentle circular aperture will be designed to reduce turbulent flow and pressure drop and long bend radius activities will be better mobility. All lanes have been quenched, carburizing treatment. Pressure Sealing protects ball in the fairway and within the framework of the entire rated pressure condition and inhalation pipeline fluid from the impact.